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What is a sports medicine vet?

You may be wondering, what exactly is a sports medicine vet, and how does it differ from your regular vet??

My goal is to work in conjunction with your regular vet to keep your horses in their best shape. My focus is on keeping them sound and performing to their highest capabilities. I have a background working on the racetrack in multiple states, and draw upon this and various continuing education courses specific in performance horses in order to bring you a high caliber of veterinary medicine.

A sports medicine vet focuses on the various systems that keep your athletes competing - primarily the musculoskeletal system. Evaluation of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurologic systems are also a vital part of the examination. I am trained and certified in animal chiropractic and am able to offer routine spinal adjustments as part of the treatment and maintenance of your horses in addition to more traditional techniques. I am pursuing certification through the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathologies (ISELP) which is a very specific group focusing on soundness and diagnosis of these problems.

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